Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Post for the end of 2013

Regards from Egypt.

Its been a while since my last update. Betapa poyonya intro.

Post kali ni tak ada warna warni ke apa, sebab exam lagi seminggu dengan MOCK nya, study week nya.

Aku tak rasa yang hujung tahun 2013 adalah penghujung yang baik. Well sebab apa bukan penghujung yang baik, tak kan aku nak cerita kat sini pulak kan.
As time passes by, as I meet lot of new people, things change. It changes a lot.
As for my winter break, well everyone around me was planning for a huge mega extraordinary vacation, meanwhile for me myself, I rather stay at my home doing nothing cause that what they say, NO MONEY NO TALK.

Oh yess, i decorated my room, eventually i share my room with my other friend so, pardon me, our room. Okay, lets just say i decorated my wall near my bed with some pictures. Literally pictures which give me inspiration. What picture? Well you can search for Dan Smith, Harry Tradeaway, Himchan, Hobbie Stuart, Sehun, Kai, Ryan Tedder, oh gosh they are too many of them. 

Damn i forgot Choi Seung Hyun and Skandar Keynes.
Well maybe next time. and i will upload it on the next post.

Betapa poyonya. Poyo sangat sangat.

Next topic guys! Cinta.

Isnt it funny when you love someone for more than one decade and then you decided not to love them, but the fact is still love them and what you can do is only to pray so that maybe one day, insyaallah, He will give you the best person to be with you for your entire life. I mean a better person than the previous one that you had love.

Ok. Saya akhiri kalam saya dengan senyuman ikhlas saya untuk satu dunia.