Saturday, March 12, 2011

some of the scenes in my life .

assalamualaikum ,
dear bloggie ,

as for now , i was thinking about posting my hockey stories that was about 3 weeks ago . but since there's no picture at all . so i decided to tell something playing in my impulse . :) .

well , as for everyone had their own teenage life . and as for me , i am having it . it is quite a hard and difficult time for me . theres the good time and the bad time . theres the sweet time and the bitter time . well , for the first time moving into a new school last year , leaving all of those nice friends , its very hard and

yeah . for sure , it took a long long time for me to adapt to that speed high performance school . with the teachers fast like a cadillac , the students with freaky minds . well , actually , that was in the first place . but now , theres a little bit of change .

im not meaning to forget my old friends . but i had to make new friends with them . and now my collection of friends has increased ! hahaa :) . yeahh , thanks to you guys . but , missing the old ones are much more tougher than accepting the new ones . i mean , like when we see someone running fast in a cross country event , that was totally was not your friend at all , i reminded my friend . nurul shafinas bt abdullah . man ! i havent saw her running for ages . when we missed someone , i bet you guys can feel something that I feel . huhh .

seriously , nothing felt worse than this . ;( .

but when i looked at the bright side , i can still see Allah giving me friends exactly like you guys . for sure they are not fast as you guys , or a laughter as you guys , or maybe they had never took a bath at kolam 2 at samten like you guys . but heyy , they still made me laugh . and alhamdulillah , im really glad to have friends from samten and k*sas . for that , i REALLY appreciate both of you guys :) .

thank you
fellow buddies ,
for making me